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Sunrise over Calgary, Calgary, Alberta Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta Skiing in the City, Calgary, Alberta Cultural District, Calgary, Alberta Global Fest, Calgary, Alberta Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta Olympic Plaza, Calgary, Alberta City Hall, Calgary, Alberta Downtown Path, Calgary, Alberta Skyline Bridge, Calgary, Alberta Skyline Centre, Calgary, Alberta Mirorred Skyline, Calgary, Alberta Night, Calgary, Alberta Calgary Stampede Chuckwagons, Calgary, Alberta Olympic Plaza 2, Calgary, Alberta Plus 15, Calgary, Alberta Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Alberta Patios on Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Alberta Bow Summit , Calgary, Alberta

Background Photo Credit: Tourism Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

Map Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nestled next to the Bow River, Calgary is a cultural oasis with regular festivals dedicated to different cultures. For example, the city celebrates the Chinese culture with its annual Chinatown Street Festival. In 2012, the Canadian government recognized the cultural dedication of Calgary's community by naming it the Cultural Capital of Canada.. The Glenbow Museum and Art Central are locations within the city that provide visitors with the opportunity to experience the arts and history. Art Central has over 50 art shops and artist studios. Glenbow Museum, one of the largest museums in Canada, contains one million artifacts and 28,000 works of art.

Because snow is on the ground an average of 88 days each year, visitors should definitely strap on a pair of skiis or snowboard and turn the cold weather into a delightful Calgary experience. On occasion, a warm, dry wind from the Rockies, called a Chinook, will turn the snow into a slushy mess. The temperatures averages 75F in July and 27F in January.

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