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About Us

The Idea

I daydream a lot about places to travel to. My first step in daydreaming is always to find pictures-- so I'll jump over to Google images and start searching for images of my destination.

But Google images doesn't always work the way I want it to. I search for "Vancouver" and I end up getting maps and endless amounts of skyline pictures. What I want is a curated photo tour.

That's why I made Canada in Pictures. I go through each destination, find appropriate photos, contact the photographers and assemble it into a photo gallery. The end result is hopefully a really easy way to discover destinations through photos.

Why Canada?

I'm (a proud) Canadian. I love Canada. You could spend your entire life travelling Canada and it would sustain your curiosity. From Iqaluit to Toronto to Victoria to Newfoundland-- Canada is vast, varied and full of surprises.

- Steve Benjamins, Founder