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Photo Usage Policy

As a photographer myself I know how awful the internet can be with photo attribution. So I take this website's relationship with photographers very seriously. I/the website pledges the following:

  1. Never to sell any of the photography featured on this website.
  2. Never to repurpose the photography used on this website anywhere other then here.
  3. To provide credit / attribution and a link to the photographer's portfolio for every photo.

You can help maintain the integrity of the site through the following:

  1. Never steal the works featured on this site. Seriously, it's someone else hard work, please contact the original photographer if you're interested in using their photo.
  2. None of the photos on this site can be repurposed for any use (commercial or otherwise) without the consent of the original photographer.
  3. Report any photographs incorrectly attributed.

I / the website aims to hold ourself to a high standard. Photographers who let us use their photos are doing us a favour, we aim to honour that.